6th UkraineLab Forum “Impact places: holistic and ecosystemic approach”

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Ukrainian NGO “Insha Osvita” and MitOst e.V. invite professionals from different fields to participate in the 6th UkraineLab Forum “Impact places: holistic and ecosystemic approach” which will take place on 19.-22.09.2017 in Ivano-Frankivsk Ukraine.

This call for registration is available for Ukrainian participants only.

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UkraineLab: update


This call and the wepage with the program is relevant for Ukrainian participants only: ukrainelab.info
But stay tuned and follow news!
UkraineLab Forum in Kherson invites Ukrianian participants for the Laboratory of Sustainability to search for dynamic tools to make cultural and social initiatives more sustainable and tangible in the long term. From the roots of past experiences we will build the foundation of sustainable initiatives including innovative practices.

UkraineLab: Laboratory of sustainability for community initiatives and culture


Ukrainian NGO “Insha Osvita” and MitOst e.V. invite professionals from different fields to participate in the 5th forum “UkraineLab: Laboratory of sustainability for community initiatives and culture” which will take place on 27.04.-30.04.2017 in Kherson, Ukraine.

This call for registration is available only in Ukrainian.

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Call for application for “The Habit of Thinking”

call habit

We are looking for 40 participants connected with formal and/or non-formal education who are:

  • 20 years old,
  • from Ukraine, including Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk regions,
  • interested in the topic of critical thinking who wants to develop new competencies,
  • motivated to implement initiatives about critical thinking in educational sectors,
  • interested in cooperation with participants from Russia, who are working with the topic of critical thinking in their communities,
  • wants to become experts in this area.

Deadline: February 10, 2017

Read more here: dumay-rua.org

This call for application is for Ukrainian participants only.

Call for application: Live History Workshop 2017


Non-formal educational program “Live History Workshop” supports its participants in developing and implementing their ideas for long-term initiatives connected with historical topics which require public discussion and critical thinking.
The program is based on educational seminars as well as opportinties such as field research, supervisors’ support, expert advices or participation in mobility programs.

This year the main focus of the program is to work with the themes of the future Soviet heritage in Ukraine and possibilities of creating multi-ethnic perspective and narration of history in this country.

Participants can apply for following topics:
“Soviet past in Ukraine: you can’t forget to remember” (Severodonetsk, 18-25 March 2017) or “Multiethnical identity of Ukraine: strength or weakness?” (Chervonohrad, March 25-April 1, 2017).

Deadline: February 25, 2017

More: dialogue-for-change.org

This call is for Ukrianian participants only.

Open events in Ternopil within the scope of “Live History Workshop”


Novebmer, 10

The opening of “Live History Workshop”
Curator of the exhibition – Valery Karpan

// Artgallery Str. Mytropolyta Sheptytsky 4

November, 11

Public discussion “Alternative educational practice”
Speakers and experts: Natalia Burylo “Ukrayinotypy”, Alina Plyekhanova “families generations’ memory”, Alona Savchenko “Mushlya. Educational and cultural project”, Anna Pohrebna “How to talk to children about history”, Olena Tatarnikova “Free educational space in Dniepr.Lichaj”, Svitlana Arabadzy “As we learned in school”
Moderators: Karina Fursa, coordinator of the program “Live History Workshop” and Natalia Trambovetska, NGO “Insha Osvita”

// Youth Center “Young Education” Str. Joseph Blind 3

Presentation of the board game “Timeline” and public discussion “Play with History”
The discussion will be moderated by Olga Martynyuk, historian
// Artgallery Str. Mytropolyta Sheptytsky 4

Live History Cinema
// Conference hall №2, Hotel “Ternopil”, vul. Zamkova 14

November, 12

Public discussion “How history influences the appearance of the city? How urbanists and city activists can work with history in their projects?”
Speakers and experts: Natalia Yeromenko, initiative “Na chorno, na bilo”, Natalia Knyazyeva, initiative “Svidomi. Urban school for teenagers”, Lyudmila Nikitina, initiative “Space. Responsibility. Memory “, Olexandera Hryhoryeva and Viktoriya Stepanets, initiative “Interactive Vinnitsa”, Borys Nilov, initiative “Heritage through time”
Moderators: Natalia Pavlyenko and Yevheniya Molyar
// TNEU building №10 (European Studies), Taras Shevchenko boulevard 1014.00
Public discussion “New work methods with Soviet legacy”
Speakers and experts: Yaroslav Perekhodko, initiative “Postradyabske”, Yuliya Korolevska, initiative “Be responsible for your past”, Yevheniya Sanina, Liliya Pechura and Konstyantyn Zahorulko, initiative Board Game “Timeline”, Oksana Tokhta, Yuliya Mazurchak and Viroslav Tsyupyak, initiative “Kultvidrodzhennya”, Heorhiy Bushuyev, initiative “Memory book of repressed Greeks from Old Crimea”
Moderators: Taras Grytsiuk, coordinator of the program “Live History Workshop” and Nikita Kadan, Ukrainian artist, graphicer and designer of art  installations
// Press center of Ukrainian House “Peremoha”, Taras Shevchenko boulevard 2716.00
Open public discussion “Personal stories of IDPs from XX-XXI centuries in Ukraine”
Speakers and experts: Zakhar Kolisnichenko and Andriy Cherneha, initiative “Perestroika (1956-1959)”, Olha Hlushko and Dmytro Horbenko, initiative “Rechovy dokaz”, Lesya Berezdetska and Yelyzaveta Oliynyk, documentary exhibition “From home to home”, Sofiya Shemetukha with the screnning “deported, but not destroyed.”
Moderator: Sergei Yevtyeyev
// Conference hall №2, Hotel “Ternopil”, vul. Zamkova 14

Closing  exhibition “Live History Workshop” and book presentation “Alternative formats of the history”and i
nformal closing ceremony

// Artgallery Str. Mytropolyta Sheptytsky 4

Official opening of UkraineLab Forum in Berlin, 19.09.2016

Transport: U2: U-Bhf Hausvogteiplatz; U6, Bus 147: Französische Str………………………………………………………………………………………….
17:30 (entrance and registration from 17:00)

Interactive Museum: Stories of a new activism in/for Ukraine and Europe

Visit our interactive museum to learn exciting personal stories of activism designed in various media forms. You will have a chance to meet all of the story-tellers in person, as well as dozens of other real agents of change from various fields – culture and art, human rights, education, community development, social entrepreneurship, media and politics.
Pre-registration is required. For the registration please send us your first and second name as well as organization until 18th of September 2016 to the ukrainelab@mitost.org.

Evening salon “New activism in/for Ukraine and Europe: The power of one story”

Speakers: Katja Petrowskaja (writer), Yury Fylyuk (Urban Space 100, Teple Misto) and Olga Diatel (Insha Osvita). Moderation by Gemma Pörzgen.

We invite you to a deep salon discussion with a cup of tea or glass of wine. We will reflect on diverse personal backgrounds of salon guests coming from business, culture and activism as well as bring back the stories from interactive museum and compare them to your thoughts and experiences.
Pre-registration is required. For the registration please send us your first and second name as well as organization until 18th of September 2016 to ukrainelab@mitost.org.

Open call for application in the Forum “UkraineLab: Playing polyphony of the society. Exploring the European identity”

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Polyphony combines separate, independent melodies in a harmonious mixture. In society, it means diversity that is seen as a chance and used as a resource for development. In order not to misunderstand diversity for artificial division of society, this diversity has to be experienced within democratic rules. In order to avoid polyphony transforming into a cacophony, the former requires effective communication formats. After all, every voice of polyphony occasionally leads the main theme, while the others create harmonious background for it. This requires trust – trust to the difference, to each other and to the process.

In recent months and years, both Ukraine and the European Union felt the powerful energy of a new wave of civic participation, which occurred in context of both similar and dissimilar crises. At the heart of this wave, we can find the diversity of personal stories of compassion and polyphony of views on the future course of the society development. However, today both Ukraine and the EU raise the question of (new) limits of diversity and (new) boundaries of identity: How much difference can we “bear” and how to transfer its potential into real innovations? How to stabilize communities and unite society around democratic values ​​and the right to diversity? And last but not least: what is the common denominator of European identity for all of us – including Germans, British, Greeks, refugees in the EU and Ukrainians?

We invite you to discuss these issues and seek common but at the same time individual answers, share best practices and forge quality partnerships both within Ukraine and at the European level. For the first time we travel abroad with the Forum UkraineLab. This Forum is a mosaic of personal stories of community activists, cultural innovators, educators, social entrepreneurs, journalists, academics and civil activists who implement the innovative and important initiatives for the development of a diverse European society in Ukraine.

If you recognize yourself in the description above, apply to participate in the Forum till 1st (including) of June, 2016 through the following link application.




For more information click here.

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Thank You!

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It’s been already two years since MitOst Association started to operate the project Dialogue for Change, which is designed to help to overcome social cleavage resulting from division of society and lack of peaceful, democratic dialogue in Ukraine and partner countries.

Last year the project consisted of three non-fomal civic education programmes (Civic Engagement Workshop, Live History Workshop, Rural Initiative Workshop), as well as of national network of civil society actors UkraineLab and long-term partnerships Tandem between Ukrainian and European organisations.

We are extremely happy to inform you that our project is prolonged till the end of 2017. In this place we would like to say thank you to German Federal Foreign Office, European Cultural Foundation and Robert Bosch Stiftung for a financial support which make our dreams and plans come true.

The project is growing in strength. For the next two years we have decided to continue:

  • Live History Workshop which creates safe spaces for discussing different points of view based on historical events,
  • Rural Initiatives Workshop which supports youth initiatives aimed at social, cultural and educational development of rural areas,
  • UkraineLab which provides cross sectoral forums and mobility opportunities,
  • Tandem Ukraine which offers cultural and civil society organizations a platform for long-term cooperation between change agents from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus and the 28 EU member states to strengthen their capabilities through art,

and develop our field of activities on the following programmes:

  • Habit of thinking which is aimed to support critical thinking of Ukrainian and Russian youth,
  • Neighbours 3.0 which goal is to network activists from three countries: Poland, Ukraine and Belarus by using new innovative forms of community development and create space for solidarity between neighbours,
  • Harap Alb and Active Peace which are aimed to support active citizenship in rural areas in Moldova and to create space for peace building between young people from Moldova and Transnistria.

This all would be not possible without persistent and structured work of partners, coordinators, mentors and trainers. Thank you for your great engagement and going forward in principle: dream it, wish it, think it over and do it.