Call for application for Neighbours 3.0 Polish-Ukrainian-Belarusian program for active people locally


Neighbours 3.0 is the Polish-Ukrainian-Belarusian program of non-formal civil education, which goal is to support people actively involved in sharing true meaning of solidarity as well as in building civic society in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus.

Program is a part of Civic Engagement Workshop and bases on its foundations. It was established thanks to experience of few members, who have taken care of Workshop for years. This unique combination allows new and innovative program to be built on basis of solid structure, which serves as a source of inspiration for coordinators, including factors such as continually changing environment and current needs of local societies.

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Call for application in English and Polish here

Call for application in Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian here


Marta Gawinek-Dagargulia

Ivanna Chupak

Katarzyna Dorota