Call for application: Live History Workshop 2017


Non-formal educational program “Live History Workshop” supports its participants in developing and implementing their ideas for long-term initiatives connected with historical topics which require public discussion and critical thinking.
The program is based on educational seminars as well as opportinties such as field research, supervisors’ support, expert advices or participation in mobility programs.

This year the main focus of the program is to work with the themes of the future Soviet heritage in Ukraine and possibilities of creating multi-ethnic perspective and narration of history in this country.

Participants can apply for following topics:
“Soviet past in Ukraine: you can’t forget to remember” (Severodonetsk, 18-25 March 2017) or “Multiethnical identity of Ukraine: strength or weakness?” (Chervonohrad, March 25-April 1, 2017).

Deadline: February 25, 2017


This call is for Ukrianian participants only.