call for application 2016 ukraine lab


Call for Participation in the Forum “UkraineLab: Communities Development and Local Initiatives in (Post-) Crisis Regions” (April 19-22, the Cities of Kramatorsk and Slovyansk)

Everything will be good. It is the phrase that is believed in and ascertained as a fact by many people who – individually or jointly – are taking steps towards the long-awaited “Good”. The specific actions made by specific people unite our country into one body where success and breakthroughs in some spots inspire and give rise to changes far beyond these locations. We observe the increasing number of people for whom for various reasons it does not matter where to stay in the country, because it makes no difference to them where they will improve Ukrainian reality. We also see that the distance between people and regions is reduced with the help of the Internet and the value of interaction. Nevertheless, there is a gap between cultural and economic development, between the level of open-mindedness and responsibility for the environment in some places, cities and regions of our country.

Today there is a lack of quality open platforms for communication and dialogue between the representatives of different sectors of civil society and culture. The network of UkraineLab with their forums and mobility program aims to create such platforms. It will create physical platform – for a few days of forum as well as virtual platform – with the help of network self-organization made by participants and mobility between them.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts – this quote by Aristotle is the aim of the test conducted by the program UkraineLab. We invite change agents, who are willing to work on the issues of community development and local development, to work together.

During the program last year we realized that we need to make the greater practical impact on the local communities, where the forums take place, as well as in other cities, towns and villages which are not very popular, but have great potential for development. We have decided to focus on the topic “Community Development and Local Initiatives” in order to work together actively on effective tools of community development, to share our experience and to see how we must act to meet current challenges. We are confident that Kramatorsk and Slovyansk – the cities which will host a forum – offer good ground for urgent ideas and long-term initiatives.

As a part of the April forum, we invite you to be theoretically and practically engaged at the following thematic blocks:

  1. Community Development through Education: Alternative Education. Synergy between formal and non-formal education
  2. Community Development through Dialogue And Integration: Mediation and Integration of Internal Migrants
  3. Community Development through Culture: Cultural Practices for (Post) Conflict Regions
  4. Community Development through Urban Practices, Environmental Development And Development of the (Mono) Industrial Cities
  5. Community Development through Social Entrepreneurship And Self-employment Assistance
  6. Community Development through Social Media: Participatory Journalism

There are no restrictions imposed on the age or occupation of the UkraineLab applicants. We are looking for those who act and understand the value of collaboration, know their needs and opportunities, who are open to new ideas and tools, have the vision of the future development and are ready to share it with others to find points of intersection.

Forum “UkraineLab: Communities Development And Local Initiatives in (Post-) Crisis Regions” will take place in April, 19-22, 2016 (beginning at 10 am on April 19, ending at 3 pm on April 22. Arrival and settling is possible from 2 pm on April 18 in order to start the forum without any troubles and be prepared for it). All travel expenses, accommodation and meals during all days of the event are covered by the organizers.

The forum will combine various formats: organizations fair, working groups, practical workshops, individual communication, and others. The forum will take place in two cities: Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, where different parts of the program will be conducted in different locations. So applicants should prepare themselves for activity, movement and open-mindedness in order to research local context.


To participate in the Forum fill the application form until February 24, 2016.

For further details contact us through the e-mail


About Long-term Project and the Network of UkraineLab

UkraineLabis an interdisciplinary platform for effective networking and cross-sectoral collaboration for change agents; think tank where visions and innovations for civil society and culture can be born. In 2015, as a part of the pilot year of the Ukraine Lab, two forums for 110 change agents from different regions of Ukraine and Europe were held. During these forums we worked on innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to cross-sectoral cooperation, development of visions for the public sector and culture in Ukraine. In 2016 the program consists of two major forums for representatives of different sectors: UkraineLab: Community Development and Local Initiatives in (Post) Crisis Regions, April 19-22, Kramatorsk – Slavyansk, Ukraine, and UkraineLab: Ukraine-EU: (Not) Learned Lessons or Labyrinthes of political objectivity of Ukraine at the European level, September 13-16, Berlin, Germany.

In 2016-2017 years Ukraine Lab network has set the following objectives:

  • develop and maintain a network of “change agents” which would strengthen the cross-sectoral cooperation and effective interaction for the sake of increase in social capital in democratic European society.
  • ensure effective networking of participants through the implementation of the targeted mobility program.
  • create the platform for interaction between actors from different sectors and regions to implement joint actions aimed at developing transparency, trust and active participation.
  • promote joint comprehension of the current situation in Ukraine, its reflection through local and international experience.
  • enhance the effectiveness of joint cross-sectoral local actions through cooperation at the country level and internationally.
  • facilitate constructive dialogue and cooperation between non-profit organizations, government agencies, businesses and media.

UkraineLab program is implemented by the Ukrainian NGO Insha Osvita that works on the whole territory of Ukraine since 2010 and focuses on quality management of non-formal education and adult education. The German partner of the forum is MitOst, which has been developing a diverse and open network in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe with its eastern neighbours for 15 years. MitOst implements projects that promote the development of cultural exchange and civic engagement. It also protects and support many international long-term programs in these spheres.