Civic Engagement Workshop

In Civic Engagement Workshop we believe that democracy starts from us and in everyday life in local communities. We believe that first of all it is us who should take responsibility for the change we want to see in our societies. We believe it is fascinating to empower young people that want to play an active role in their communities by giving them opportunities to gain new skills, knowledge, practical experiences and strong network of diverse people and perspectives. We believe this empowerment is stronger and more fun if it happens with others, so we create space for meeting of Ukrainians, Poles and Belorussians, learning from each other and becoming friends.

Since 2008 Civic Engagement Workshop invites young people from Poland, Belarus and Ukraine who meet three times in a programme year to discuss socially relevant topics, exchange thoughts, challenge their stereotypes, develop ideas for own initiatives and make their ideas come true. We use interactive methods of non-formal education that give freedom of mind and action. After one year intense learning process participants become more open, skilled, brave, responsible and – able to communicate in al four languages we work in – Belorussian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian!

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