The Ukrainian civil society tends to network, particularly in protest and emergency situations and to take collective action. In “normal” times this willingness to act together is not pronounced. Civil society actors need assistance in the development of capacities and professionalization of the structures to long-term and effective to entrench a culture of cooperation in society and to be sustainable and preventive integrating. It lacks a nationwide network of locally based players from different regions of Ukraine, which could become partners of the policy as the voice of civil society.

The civil society initiatives in Ukraine, with their activities to strengthen local communities (community development) and to promote a culture of Contributive dialogue, need reliable partners in Germany and Europe. Especially after the political changes, there are numerous organizations and initiatives in Europe, which are willing to share their expertise with partners from Ukraine in return for some insight into the political and social realities of work after the break in Ukraine. Such a European network of partners would be an effective tool to strengthen the forces of civil society in Ukraine and at the same time an important signal of European solidarity.