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Dialogue for Change – Evaluation 2016/2017

Dialogue for Change – Evaluation 2015/2016 ?


Insha Osvita – Publications

most of them in Ukrainian only.

  Trainers HandBook

The Trainers Handbook revealed the concept of civiс non-formal education, outlines the main approaches and methods that it uses. Recommendations on various aspects of trainers work and collected specific methods that can be used in the submitted form or can be adapted to the needs of a particular training event.

To read online or to download the Handbook in Ukrainian click here: Trainers_Handbook


















  Songbook Three turtles

Three turtles – is a handbook about music animation prepared for workshops providing in frames of Dialogue for Change. The idea of creating the songbook was born during unforgettable evenings of international youth seminars and trainings organized by Insha Osvita. The handbook includes a small song book translated into four languages (polish, ukrainian, russian, belorussian) with transliteration of songs and description of music animation methodology. The handbook helps to find faster a common language with participants from different countries. It is also an impetus for further creativity and development.

The team of authors: Sergej Lapshin, Olga Pcholkina, Julia Knyupa, Agata Maziarz, Oksana Ivanik, Taras Grytsiuk, Katarzyna Materkowska, Anna Alekseychik.

For additional information, please contact the coordinator of the Songbook team – Sergei Lapshin,

















Game Life as a project

Life as a project is an educational time management game developed by trainers of Insha Osvita. The game provides a rich frameworkfor analysing and improving time management skills. Each subsequent game encourages new ideas and conclusions only if you really want to work on the ability to organize your time efficiently. Authors claim that our life is created from such projects, both small and large, fulfilled and unfulfilled. The way of managing such projects, the way of correctly defining and specifying their purpose and skills such as priority setting and time management are all issues to be dealt with and will help Life as a project.