Neighbours 3.0

What exactly is Neighbours 3.0?

Neighbours 3.0 is the Polish-Ukrainian-Belarusian program of non-formal civil education, which goal is to support people actively involved in sharing true meaning of solidarity as well as in building civic society in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus.

Program is a part of Civic Engagement Workshop and bases on its foundations. It was established thanks to experience of few members, who have taken care of Workshop for years. This unique combination allows new and innovative program to be built on basis of solid structure, which serves as a source of inspiration for coordinators, including factors such as continually changing environment and current needs of local societies.

Our philosophy and mission:

Program Neighbours 3.0 supports people and communities, which through active citizenship and actions leading to decrease in social inequalities, contribute to creating dialogue and building sense of solidarity between people of different ages and opinions.

We believe in a democracy, which starts at taking responsibility for yourself and others on the day to day basis. We believe, that local societies can become a place of dialogue and cooperation for people from various environments and that it guarantees changes which may lead to constantly improving quality of life and enhancing sense of being important part of the society. We believe that our actions generate favourable conditions to build active communities which base on trusting each other. These communities contribute to self-development of individuals and themselves. We believe, that exchange between neighbours – on local and international level – is a possibility to crystalize fascinating, educational processes. We want to participate in promoting of good neighbourhood between Poland, Belarus and Ukraine through creating meetings which give an impulse to cooperation, discussion and exchange of opinions and experiences.

The goal of Neighbours 3.0

Our goal is to motivate and support young people in initiating and carrying out community-changing activities on a local level. We encourage to actively take part in democracy processes concerning organizing life in society. This way we want to promote active citizenship and interpersonal solidarity without forgetting about environment around us. We encourage to shape the world around according to your own dreams and without hesitation. Our characteristic trait is work based on various methods of non-formal education, which naturally inspire to active cooperation, critical thinking, creating teams and fruitful group work.

Who can participate:

Program Neighbours 3.0 is directed to young people aged between 18 and 35 from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus, who are willing to actively participate in the name of solidarity and local communities.

We invite people from various environments and with diverse education. We are open to students, non-students, volunteers from social organizations and ones who have never heard of them, people with or without a job, inhabitants of urban and rural areas. Diversity is the driving force of this program.

We accept applications from local teams, consisting of two or three people, who have an idea for the project or change in their local community. Projects may have an international character, which means that they can be realized by participants from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus.

We also invite absolvents of Civic Engagement Workshop to cooperation. However there is one limitation: only one absolvent/absolventee(?) is allowed in a team.

How do we work?

Program lasts around dozen or so months, during which participants take part in international workshops, visit other Neighbours and work in local communities. According to the program, local projects and volunteering are tools of social change.

Recruitment for the program is held during February and March of 2016.

Invited teams come to one of three seven-days meetings that take place in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus in May of 2016, during which:

–        we get to know each other and get closer through talks and activities

–        we discuss chosen topics and issues concerning us, trying to approach them from different angles

–        we act together (i.e. we dance, sing, go for a walk or create interactive city map), integrate with local people and – with trainers help – carry out specific change,

–        we work on the main idea of our project and start planning it

In July of 2016 the special project meeting takes place, which aim is to:

–        with help of trainer and mentor work in teams and plan our project in detail

–        learn how to write project application

–        acquire abilities in the field of project management

After project meetings participants realize their projects by the May of 2017. During this time, two international trainings and two on-line trainings (so called webinaria) are offered (topics are adjusted to participants and projects needs).

Additionally, between August of 2016 and May of 2017 participants may take part in:

–        ‘Neighbour’ visits – visiting other teams, including those abroad, and helping out with realization of their projects

–        visits in partner organizations of Neighbours 3.0 or organizations chosen by participants (observation of their work and helping out with tasks) .

The last event is neighbour forum, which takes place in June of 2017. This is the summary of the program, during which participants will present realized projects in front of a wider audience and meet different activists. The aim of the forum is to participate in strengthening the network of program absolvents and help in planning collective, future projects.


One of the most important values on which we based the new program Neighbours 3.0 – Polish-Ukrainian-Belarusian program for active people locally – are solidarity, responsibility, equality, diversity, democracy, openness and critical thinking.

We understand solidarity as a sense of responsibility for our actions and decisions, for other people, animals and for the environment as a whole; it is the feeling of being “part of the great whole”. Solidarity also means being proactive, open to diversity, reaching out and building dialogue with the “others” or even those who seem “strange”, learning about diversity and enjoying it. This dialogue provides an opportunity to measure stereotypes and simplifications that often determine our relationships with others. Solidarity also implies a trust in another human being and faith in power of collaboration that multiplies the results of our efforts. Solidarity is committed to react to other people suffering and to actively oppose social inequality and injustice. Solidarity with others is essential to make real changes in our environment and to create social connections.

What does “solidarity” mean for the program Neighbours 3.0?

  • This program is a place to support people who want to truly understand solidarity creating social connections in their communities and meet neigbours from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus.
  • Program welcomes different types of people with various views from various environments. Meetings are a place for a dialogue and getting to know each other through actions.
  • The program is a place for specific actions on solidarity; participants of the program implement projects and build strong relationships between people and the environment. The program provides an opportunity to get real and long-lasting connections through actions with the participants from Ukraine, Belarus and Poland.


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