avatar_call for applicationOne of the most important values on which we based the new program Neighbours 3.0 – Polish-Ukrainian-Belarusian program for active people locally – are solidarity, responsibility, equality, diversity, democracy, openness and critical thinking.

We understand solidarity as a sense of responsibility for our actions and decisions, for other people, animals and for the environment as a whole; it is the feeling of being “part of the great whole”. Solidarity also means being proactive, open to diversity, reaching out and building dialogue with the “others” or even those who seem “strange”, learning about diversity and enjoying it. This dialogue provides an opportunity to measure stereotypes and simplifications that often determine our relationships with others. Solidarity also implies a trust in another human being and faith in power of collaboration that multiplies the results of our efforts. Solidarity is committed to react to other people suffering and to actively oppose social inequality and injustice. Solidarity with others is essential to make real changes in our environment and to create social connections.

What does “solidarity” mean for the program Neighbours 3.0?

  • This program is a place to support people who want to truly understand solidarity creating social connections in their communities and meet neigbours from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus.
  • Program welcomes different types of people with various views from various environments. Meetings are a place for a dialogue and getting to know each other through actions.
  • The program is a place for specific actions on solidarity; participants of the program implement projects and build strong relationships between people and the environment. The program provides an opportunity to get real and long-lasting connections through actions with the participants from Ukraine, Belarus and Poland.